Sunday, April 3, 2011

2010 Year in Review

If you thought I was bad at blogging last year I did even worse this year.  However, if there is anyone that looks at this blog I wanted to show we were here in 2010.

We stared out the year slow.  Spending most of our time working and just spending time together.  In March Reagan turned 2.  We had a fun party with family and friends at Jump On It.  Where she had a blast jumping, loved her "wheels on the bus cake", and got way too many presents.

For Mother's Day Reagan and I went down to Carlsbad to Uncle Dave's family.  Reagan loved playing with her cousins and I loved going on an amazing guided trip through the Carlsbad Caverns.

In may we had family pictures taken by Maria Wood Photography and she did an amazing job.

To kick off summer Dream Dinners sponsored us in the Corporate Sports Challenge.  We had a lot of fun loosing in almost everything.  Ryan was most excited about Dodge ball and we came  in last.  But our whole team couldn't wait to do it again next year.

Reagan's summer was spent swimming, playing with friends, and dressing up like a princess.

She also got to take her first plane ride when we fly to New York for Danny's graduation.  She didn't love the plane but she did well.  She did LOVE New York.  She loved reading books with GG, playing with cousin James,  visiting Uncle Micheal's Farm, riding about to the Statue of Liberty (or Liberty as she called her), and swimming in Uncle Chucks pool.  It was a really good trip and it was great for her to see all of her relatives there.

For Ryan's Birthday we went Skydiving and it was probably the most Awesome thing we have done in our lives.  Kyle and James were the only ones brave enough to go with us.

In the fall Ryan sang Karaoke in public for the first time.  I had the most amazing 30th birthday party anyone could ask for.  And our Annual Halloween Party was moved to Dream Dinners cause it just keeps getting bigger and cooler every year.

Christmas was really fun even though Reagan decided she didn't like Santa Clause.  In the end Mrs. Clause had to bring her presents to our house and Santa went to Grandma and Ma Ma's houses.

Thanks to all of you that made our year so much fun and here is to an even better one to come.


2009 Wrap Up

I have not been very diligent in keeping you posted on our family.  So here is a quick recap of the last months of 2009.

We took Reagan on her first four wheeler trip and she absolutely loved it!

For my birthday I got to take a trip out to see Dave and Christina in Colorodo.  Rocky Mountain National Park is so beautiful.  I hope Dave ends up there again soon so we can go back and explore some more.

Reagan got to meet her Uncle Kyle for the first time when we welcomed him home from his mission in Oklahoma. We all loved having him home but I think Ma Ma was the most excited.

We had another legendary Halloween party. Like every year we enjoyed good food, had fun with friends, I made Ryan throw up with Fear Factor Goodness, and we rocked the night away with Karaoke in the garage.

We didn't have season passes but we did get to go snowboarding a couple of times. On this fun day we randomly found Elliot and it was just like when Ryan first taught me how (well hopefully I was a little better).

We had a great Christmas with family and friends. Santa brought Reagan her very own kitchen so she could make food all the time just like mom.

Well I know if was a speed tour but sometimes that is the best way.  You don't really want to know all of the boring details anyway.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ryan is Blogging

I know it is crazy but my husband is officially a blogger and taking part in preserving our family memories. He definitely remembers different things than I do but still good I guess. You can view his first post at My Name is Ryan It is a pretty funny post about Segways so if you have a minute take a look.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Little Chef

I wrote this post for my Dream Dinners Blog but thought it would be good to have it here as well, Enjoy!

If you are looking for quick dinner ideas I do not recommended little helpers, however they do add a little spice to dinner time preparations. My daughter Reagan is 1 1/2 and she loves to do anything and everything Mommy does. She loves to sit on the counter in the bathroom and put on make up. She loves typing on her own keyboard at the computer. And she especially loves helping out in the kitchen. Last week she even got her very own apron and so I decided she really needed to be put to work. She helped whisk up her first salad dressing the other night. I have to say if she wasn't so cute I would never have her help again because she made such a big mess. Luckily we were having a Chicken with Honey Garlic and Orange a grilled Dream Dinner so other than the salad and our plates there were no other dishes to wash. Also the fun we had together in the kitchen was worth any extra time it took to clean up.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday Madness: Driving Range

Every Monday we try and do something fun with friends. Yesterday we went to the Driving Range and Reagan tried her hand at golf. She is really good at stealing balls from the other players but I think she liked the golf bag holder more than hitting the balls. It was a lot of fun and I think Ryan got some good guy time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Infamous Bathtime

When we were in New Mexico, Reagan and Whitney took a bath together and since I haven't posted any embarassing bathtime pictures yet I figured it was the perfect opportunity to get them on the web. I tried to pick the most modest ones. It was fun for Reagan to be with her girl cousins that are closer to her age, too bad they live so far away.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Visiting Dave in Carlsbad

My brother Dave is a Ranger and travels to different National Parks to work for a season. He and his family have spent two seasons at the Carlsbad Caverns and Reagan and I finally went down to see them in March. I drove down with most of My family and we all stayed at a campground about a mile from Dave's house. We spent time swimming, eating, talking, playing, and touring the caverns. On Sunday Dave blessed my newest nephew Dallin and afterwards we had a photo shoot. The trip was so much fun and Reagan got to spend time with Danica, Whitney and Dallin which she rarely gets to do. The last night I was there most of my family was gone so Christina and I watched a movie together and I discovered that Hugh Jackman is my new celebrity crush or as I call him my Hottie, I guess Australia was pretty good too.

Family Pictures 08